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As we begin a brand new year with new budgets, new round and revenue goals and the plan to exceed all of the above, let's also keep an eye on another very key attribute: fun!  Yes, the golf property is a business and you must make the business work for the owners, especially if the owner is you.  I am here to be that other voice in your ear, the one that says: " golf is a game that people come to play for the enjoyment, the competition, the fun."  We should never allow this ideal to stray too far from the business day.  There is no doubt that I believe the golf course providing the most fun wins......other important attributes aside, including course conditions, rate, and availability of good tee times.  Fun should be a major ingredient in your golf course stew this year, if you want to be different, compete well, and make money.  But we need to do more than hope for fun, or talk about it with your staff.  Although this blog title is the same as one of my favorite Beach Boys songs of the 1960's, there is a reason for the threepeat.  This post is about the fun, and how to make it so.  Here is your pathway to creating fun at your club this year:

  1. The most important person in the fun equation is you.  As the owner or manager you must not only create a plan & structure for fun, you need to have a great attitude each day.  You cannot be a manager, but a leader and mentor in bringing about a great new feel to the club
  2. The next most important group in this equation is the team, your team.  Assuming they are the right people, your staff needs to execute your fun program each day.  Of course you are in the sales business, whether you are selling rounds, memberships, events, merchandise or F & B, but the staff should also be measured in how they create an atmosphere that makes every golfer feel special and want to return to make your course, their course
  3. Finally, the golfer needs to feel it as soon as they hit the bag drop that this place is special and that: "I am gonna have a good time here today!" 

  If you set the stage and the staff acts out the special feeling and efforts, your golfers will notice the difference.  It will be apparant not only on their faces, but in your cash boxes.  Happy people spend more money.  So as you roll out and communicate the budgets for the year, why not roll out a brand new attitude.  Although you may not be dealing with the little girls' Thunderbird  from the song, you can create a place where Daddy finds a new home for his golf with his friends.  Go ahead, make your place the fun place, I believe you will enjoy the fun, every day of 2017.

Here's to a FUN NEW YEAR!


Jack Dillon writes the highfives blog.  Jack is an expert of the golf shop, operations, and creating a better game for women.  Call Jack at 407-973-6136 to speak to your team.  Jack lives and works in Orlando.  See you at the Show!  Thank you.

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