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People make the business go, at least until the robots take over.  The hiring and development of a staff is not only one of your most important roles, but a very time-consuming one.  It seems as if people are always coming and going, with you right in the middle.  Having a solid team is one way to operate a strong facility, one that generates loyalty and profits.  So how can we build and keep a team of talent that will be all in as we work to replicate a service standard your golfers will love.  I believe it is about three things: being a great employer on their first day, providing specific standards and expectations in their first week, and building an overall culture of respect for each person.

  In my former life of 10 years with a golf management company, I worked with several people who left our organization to buy and operate their own golf course(s).  The most interesting thing about these people is that they were never given good reviews on the job, and each were regarded as not very strong.  Yet each one owns one or more successful golf courses.  These men each floundered in our culture and flourished in a big way as soon as they got out on their own.  Although my former company is no longer around, we certainly could have used a very different people plan.  One that finds the skills, desires & passions of each person to see how they can be tuned in and turned onto great performances.  Instead they were left to fail as the system around them never saw their real abilities.  How can you create a team that will flourish so the facility can succeed over the long term:

  1. Make hiring a important part of your job description.  It cannot be done on only an as needed basis
  2. Position each staff member where they can best shine.  Introverts will not succeed if pressed into communicating with lots of golfers each day.  Find their skills
  3. Be sure their first day is a great day.  Do all you can to introduce the best of the facility, the team, and possibilities to the new staffer day one
  4. Communicate often and face to face with the new member.  A key to long term stability for your staff
  5. Measure your managers often.  People quit on managers, make sure your managers have a plan in place to nuture and develop each staff member.  Hiring is expensive.  Impress your managers with this fact.

You hired each person for a reason.  Build a system that allows each to shine.  When a mistake has been made, remove that person quickly in order to preserve your standards.  Know that keeping a strong team takes daily time & effort.


Jack Dillon writes the highfives series.  Jack is an expert in service, merchandise, and operations.  He is a consultant, an advanced speaker, and has flourished in his new life.  Jack can be reached at 407-973-6136.  He lives in Orlando.  Thank you.

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