The Energy Crisis

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Fuel, not only is the price increasing almost daily, it is on our minds now throughout each day.  This post, however, is not about what you put into your tank; it is about the energy in your business.  Maybe there is an energy crisis within your business and maybe there is not, but I say we do have enough properties void of real daily energy, enthusiasm, and passion that this post may be worth reading.

Energy at the club is driven by people.  What are you doing to build an atmosphere where energy is created, where it thrives, and where it can gain momentum for the entire team?  Just as a business with a full tank provides a wonderful experience for the golfer, a business running on empty shows the customer it may be about price, but it sure does not feel nice.  What are the energy drainers in your business?  What can you do about them?  Let's be clear, people make the difference in a business.  What can you do to make certain your positions are filled with people who have and who will create great energy?

  1. What do your customers need, to provide each of them the best value for dollars spent?
  2. What do your team members require to do the best job possible; training, incentives, recognition, a sense of being a part of a success?
  3. Try always to hire the smile/attitude.  So many times we search out a skill and forget it comes attached to a person with a history.  You can build skills but you cannot glue a smile where one does not fit.
  4. Reward and recognize in public, and reprimand in private.  To keep the energy at high levels, please follow #4 as recognition is the key to longevity with the team.
  5. Never wait 365 days for a review in order to recognize or even reprimand.  We all want to know how we are doing and the unknown is the worst known of all.

So you see, you can eliminate some of the energy crisis in your business.  Begin with the people you want to serve and work toward the people who do the serving.  Take good care of all people.  Take especially good care of your people.  Develop a program of continuous learning.  Show them you truly care and they will pay it your customers!

Thank you.

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