A cure for the pressure points

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The world continues to be in a state of dissatisfaction. It seems as if everyone is against so many things now over the course of their day. Within the dissatisfaction they seem to be against lots of people too. It feels so easy to latch onto stress on any given day, and almost impossible to locate peace, quiet, just a sense of normalcy. The world is very different than a few years ago. At the same time the game is different than at any time during the past many years. Over the past 14 months people are playing in record numbers, joining the game in record numbers, and buying golf gear as if it is going to turn into a natural resource. People felt stress and longed for a relief valve. Golf has been that release for many since June of 2020. This first In My Opinion post is offering up a few things to think about, to try. A few tactics to make the game easy, more fun, and more enticing as people dream about using all of that new golf gear, whenever it arrives.

Here are my three thoughts, in other words, my opinion:

1)      Make the course short: Move the markers up, make the course easy, invite pars and maybe even a birdie or two. Cut the rough, slow the greens, and make golfers sing

2)      Create an engagement team: I believe when you connect with people at least 2-3 times during a round, you have that opportunity to check in, take the “temperature” and offer thanks and encouragement

3)      Find the fun: create a strategy to rev up the energy in the day, to inject more fun. From the bag drop to the restaurant, find things to add to the experience, lighten the round, add a surprise or two and stretch the idea factory. From a FREE popsicle to a great milkshake, to a free two-pack of balls, to a free $10 gift card: search for ways to make the day different. Allow people to leave enthused, excited to return.

Think about the many suppliers you work with. From golf balls to food partners, to drink vendors, you have a host of brands building new products all the time. Be that property that partners on market research and set up giveaways all season long. Be the place of birdies, short wedges, surprises, and kind people. Be that gift in the day for your golfer. They sure can use it. 

Jack Dillon writes the IN MY OPINION post for Golf Inc. Jack is an author, speaker and content producer. In the game since 1973, Jack is now part of Career Dividends. He is an expert merchant, buyer, communicator. His new book is Jump the Line: 101 Lessons for Professional Success. To work with Jack, reach out to him at 407-973-6136 or e-mail him at: jackd@careerdividends.com. Jack lives in Orlando and on Zoom.



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