Barriers: we have met the enemy and it is...........

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Over the past several posts I have discussed growing the game, both new players and rounds.  Today, I am moving away from rounds growth to talk about your business.  Although we continue to complain about the general state of the game, we do not seem to be seeing many stories about specific courses winning.  Who is out there creating a great day of golf?  As I look over the golf landscape I see many managers complaining, but I do not see owners or managers trying new things to create more value in a round of golf.

Many clubs have nice clubhouses; why not use them to develop a golf education series from A to Z.  Have your department heads create talks, including the Superintendent.  Most of us have thousands of people living near our clubs.  Although not everyone is interested in the game, with so many people living close, I believe you would be mining in a deep well of opportunity.  Next, begin to review all of your prices.  Are they in line with your rate, your player demographic and time of year?  If you have value golf rates, you will need to have value pricing in all areas of your business.  You will not make up for a lower rate with a $3.00 bottle of water.  Know that a recent consumer survey stated that 26 out of 27 people do not complain; they just go away and tell their friends.  Examine every item you sell and every price to make certain you have a consistent story.

Consistency is a business standard we rarely hear discussed because it seems we are all looking for greatness.  With smaller teams, lower budgets, and even smaller rates great can be a long term goal,  but not a nearterm destination.  Next, review all of your vendor costs, even fixed costs.  Can you build new savings in any department, in every department?  Develop a monthly program with each department head where they each look for savings in their area.  You might even share the savings with the team.

Now look at the team; do they each make a great presentation each day?  Are they great with the phone, with service, and with their response to guests?  Golfers want great greens but they also want to feel good about the overall experience.  Instead of complaining about the state of the game, why not do a presentation overall?  Why not dig into your costs and pricing to see where changes can be made?  Ask each golfer one thing that will make for a better experience.  Barriers, they are everywhere.  Make sure they are not in your mirror.  Be the "to do" person on your to do list!


Great post Jack, Guests and members want "more" in their experiences today than ever, however many just don't know how to deliver and fall short! I'd love to discuss our research tools with you sometime soon! Peter -

I totally agree with Jack that it is time for clubs to try new things to build value not only in a round of golf, but with the total experience. Utilize the nice clubhouse, which is most of the time sitting idle, to generate a steady stream of revenue throughout the year. We have added value to our clubs by converting our clubhouses to top notch fitness facilities, to attract the ever growing fitness market with the added value of the availability of golf. For the avid golfer they now can have a great golf experience with the added value of an incredible fitness center all for one competitive membership fee. The success of this business model has been incredible. We are now sharing our success with other club owners through franchising.

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