Are We Interested or Are We Committed?

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 Several years ago, I attended a seminar and the speaker had change and improvement as subjects for his talk.  In his speech, he spoke about 2 runners; one got up early, saw that it was raining and went back to bed.  The other got up, saw the rain and put on his rain suit.  The first guy was interested, the second guy was committed.  It appears we have much of the same thing going on today as our industry searches for new players, more rounds, and better answers.

 No doubt we have many people who are committed to growing the game.  They have programs as part of their monthly calendar, encouraging all and then working a plan for new player growth.  We also have hundreds of people who really want the game to grow, who do a few things in season at their club to grow the game but only when time allows.  Look, it takes a strong attitude and an unshakeable will to stay the course and grow the game.  The right attitude with execution and measurement will absolutely create results.  It is up to us!

 My High Fives for growth are;

  • Create a written plan with a series of incremental goals.  Work the plan, manage it and measure the results
  • Build a marketing budget into the plan.  Even great ideas die in silence
  • Make certain every member of your staff is not only aware of the program, but understands the specifics enough to talk it up and sell it, for that is exactly what must be done
  • Create a "sampler program" on your range where one instructor is creating hands-on interest and enthusiasm.  Sign-up sheets are available.  Several evenings during a month will get the word out
  • Make sure, every member and regular is aware of the program.  Build incentives and contests into the marketing piece to acquire new golfers.  Make it fun!

 We have all seen the numbers and know there are people who want to learn and play our game.  How many are sitting at home waiting for your invitation.  I promise, without our help, they will decide to do something else, unless we accept the challenge of committment.  It is time!

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