Advice for the 2019 PGA Show

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The 2019 version of the PGA Show is next week. As a former, long-time buyer, the Show was my Super Bowl. I prepared for it. I got every meeting set up just right (until the vendors changes began), and even made certain I had shoes that could withstand the three or four days of walking. The PGA Show is an exciting week, no matter the economy or the state of rounds for the previous year. Its arrival is like the start of the baseball season: everyone is a winner, and every weekend will be sunny and warm.

This post will provide five thoughts about the Show, and how to maximize your value. Because this is the one time and place you can get to see most of our industry under one roof, it makes sense to bring with you a goal list for your entire property, the entire management team. If you do not have authority to purchase certain categories, you can seek out vendors, get contact information, grab a catalogue, and take notes.

1) Get to meet people beyond your vendor sales reps. Seek out sales managers, social media talent, and graphics people who work for your suppliers. Helping your club build a better communications plan has real value. Great idea also to get to know brand management.

2) Plan your days and work the floor accordingly. There are so many time wasters that can occur during the Show. Have a written plan, stay focused, and manage your time well.

3) Last year was a great year for selling golf clubs. Why not focus this year on extending those sales by learning all about this year’s putters, hybrids, fairway metals? If you know the product, and stock a bit of it, you will add to gross sales through Q2.

4) Be out where the action is. An important time at any PGA Show is before the day begins, and after it ends. The hotels and restaurants are great places to meet the people who move our industry. Have plenty of business cards in hand, and be certain to grab as many cards as you can. Try to send every key person you meet a hand written thank you note…..for their time, right after the Show.

5) The golf shop is a great place to sell accessories, socks, jewelry, purses and all of the unique items reps sometimes do not carry. Search out all of the small product vendors that have solid products but no representation. Vendors can succeed without a rep, but not without your time and support. Go through the PGA book or website Tuesday and Wednesday nights to find these vendors, and then go see the product.

The PGA Show can be a great head start for your year.  It is critical to keep your golfers in mind the entire week, so as you look at product, you can match up the needs and wants. Seeking goods and services that add to your sales numbers, decrease your costs, and build margin are all doable. Use your time well. The 2.5 days go by very fast. Oh, and have FUN!

Jack Dillon writes the highfives post and has been in the industry for more than 45 years.  Jack is a Toastmaster, professional presenter.  Contact Jack if you are looking for better answers for your team, your golf shop, your operations.  With 4 decades of P & L responsibility, Jack brings value.  If you have questions about the Show, Jack can help too.  He lives in Orlando.  Contact Jack at 407-973-6136.


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