5 ways to rebuild customer confidence post-COVID 19

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We need to show golfers that golf is safe

As of this writing 44% of golf courses in the U.S. are open. The other 56 percent wait for the state or local governments to decide when it might be safe to go back to the first tee. Unlike any other period during our lifetime however, much of the operation will need to be different. Your club will need to be a different place because every staff member is feeling different as is every member and guest that may walk through your doors. For the courses that are open today, many have closed clubhouses, golf shops and restaurants. Yes, there may be takeout food and there may even be a provision where up to 4 people may enter the shop at one time, but no one is indoors shopping or socializing. Golfers are there today purely to play the game they love.

We are at a time where we fight a virus we cannot see. Although we know there is deep fear amongst our golfers and staff members, it too remains mostly unseen. We are dying to take a swing at this enemy, to knock it down, to put it away. We also want to create a presentation where our staff members will feel comfortable coming to work, and our golfers will be very willing to come out and play our club, spend time and money with us. Before this happens, we need to tear down that invisible wall of fear that may otherwise dramatically harm our business throughout the balance of this year. My belief is we must become totally transparent. This highfives post will provide 5 thoughts on how every golf club can rebuild confidence for their operation. Here are my 5 thoughts on creating a show me program at your facility:

1)  Write up your properties’ Action Plan on how you are dealing with Covid-19. I would put it on your web site, create a large poster board type sign for each of your entrances, and send a hard copy to your members in the mail. Have every staff member carry it with them on a card

2)  Hire a quality company to thoroughly clean the operation. Communicate this to all of your staff and to your membership. I suggest once a quarter in the critical areas

3)  Unlike in times past, have staff members cleaning throughout the day, and do it to show your members and guests you are taking the health of all very seriously

4)  Create a list of all of the cleaning materials/items you are using. Add this list to your Action Plan statement

5)  Show members and guests how your restaurant team is preparing food. Make certain every staff member has a name badge and have all of your staff visible throughout a shift.

Yes, these are extraordinary times, and this post includes a few extraordinary measures. Being open and visible with the critical things you are doing for staff, for golfers, is, I believe, vital in this new world. It is also critical, in my opinion, to set up your own Covid School to work with staff on every critical point. Curriculum to include: how to thoroughly clean, how to dispose of dirty items, how to manage merchandise, how to speak to both golfers and staff. What are the do’s and don’ts for this new space and allow all to make mistakes. We are all new to this place. None of us really know how to act, so be extra kind to all. Finally, as the boss…..be extra visible. You are the #1 salesperson and cheerleader. Be out and about throughout each day. And remember to dig down to add the FUN!

Jack Dillon writes the highfives series. Jack has been in golf for 46 years. He is an expert speaker as well as merchant, buyer, and coach on operations and service. Call Jack for help when your club hits a wall. You can reach Jack at: 407-973-6136. He lives in Orlando.


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