5 ways to keep the game fun at your facility

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It's still just a game

The game of golf is on once again. After months on the sidelines, golf courses, little by little have come back on line, and golfers could not get to their first tee fast enough. Yes, most of us have been at home, doing so many things new and not so new, while the clubs grew lonely in the garages and attics of golfers throughout the U.S. Operating a golf course over the past 25 years has been a heroes’ challenge, with high maintenance costs, lower rounds, and still lower rates. Now, in the age of the Coronavirus, managing the day to day becomes a daily magic act, with ever more stakeholders. This post is a simple reminder to tip your hat to the game we all love, as you and your team work to rebuild your business. Here are my highfives:

  1. With all of the rules and regulations in place for you, your team, and your golfers, please remember to showcase FUN throughout the day.  It is not easy, but it is why they come
  2. Create a sense of beyond nice with those staff members that know how to make it work and still do all of the “work stuff” that must be carried out
  3. When rules need to be enforced or managed have those staff members that know how to say the tough things, and still make the golfer feel good about where they are.  In this new age, rules will be splintered daily, so have the team and strategy ready
  4. Set up a calendar with plenty of games, events, and challenges that help your golfers forget they were confined at home for many weeks.  Create a season long program that provides variety, challenge, rewards and FUN!
  5. Talk to your golfers each and every day.  Have all critical managers and staff out and about when golfers are around.  Have the team work on engagement with members and guests.  I believe friends buy from friends, and in this current space where trust is at low tide, conversing with your golfers every day is, I believe, a strong investment in the future of the property.  Thank you.

Working the property will be tough this year. Managing the situation, rules, and staff will be draining. At the same time, the golf course is open, and people want to play. You have customers! Have a mindset that all staff can buy into. Execute the standards and rules of Covid-19, while you all create an experience that shows every golfer why they love this game.  The payoff will be their loyalty. It is great to be back. The game has been missed. Thank you.

Jack Dillon writes the highfives post.  Jack has been a part of the golf industry for 46 years.  He is a speaker and expert on merchandise, service, communications, and operations.  Contact Jack when you want to improve your club, your team.  You can reach Jack at 407-973-6136.  He lives in Orlando.





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