5 ways to honor essential employees and healthcare heroes

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Jack Dillon shares his tips on the pricing and special ways to show appreciation during COVID-19

There are many people we look up to in the course of our daily lives. From people who put their lives on the line in order to protect us, to our school teachers who are educating our children. Because of COVID-19, we have expanded that list to include many of the everyday people, who we saw as everyday people, but now know as extreme risktakers, as they expose themselves to a dangerous, invisible virus. This list includes people who work in the supermarket industry, the restaurant industry, and those delivering food and packages to our homes, as the service economy has taken a larger shift to on-line for almost every imaginable need.  We now see these people as essential. We now, also see them as our heroes!

As golf courses continue to rack up strong rounds, we need to also look inside our own industry, where the golf operations’ & service teams have agreed to come back to work, to serve through the pandemic, showing great rigor, great energy, and very real sacrifice. As we think about the world we live and work in at this unique moment, we must look around to see how golf facility staff everywhere are doing all they can to take care of the needs and wants of golfers throughout the country. One day, this COVID-19 virus will be in our rear view mirrors. Besides wanting to party until its 2099, we should want to recognize and honor the sacrifice of every person who has served, and who has been part of the fight, no matter their role. Today’s highfives post provides 5 thoughts on recognizing the countless heroes who are working to handle our everyday needs:

  1. Provide special golf rate pricing, for every medical professional, law enforcement officer, and service person through the rest of your season
  2. Offer a thank you party every month, maybe on a Saturday for these same extraordinary people. After golf, provide some on-the-house hospitality. Do this for the next several months, as it will probably take time to catch on and build an audience
  3. Provide group golf instruction for these local heroes. It would be outstanding if your team can create several “lifetime golfers” from the groups
  4. Recognize your heroes, the people who work for you. Thank them personally each day. Allow them to take time off when possible. Give them more than a few breathers. Show them how you feel about their service, and their sacrifice. It is a big deal
  5. When the virus has been contained, plan the largest staff party you can. Be sure to allow each staff member the chance to invite a significant other, because sacrifice is not a solitary act. Have an amazing party with great food, drink, and gifts for the people who are doing great work today. Get your vendors to kick in, participate, and join in.

Golf courses are busy. In many cases, some of the workers have not yet been called back, so the sacrifice is grand for those who are putting in the effort. Remember these days. Be the best kind of manager, during this time, where every person feels the pain, and every person has the fear from a virus we cannot see, touch, or as yet destroy. Be thankful to every golfer who has decided to come and play. Be sensitive and kind to all on your team, the team on the front line. Coach a good game every day and realize the payoff over time. Be grateful for the heroes, near and far.

Jack Dillon writes the highfives series. Jack has been in the golf industry 47 years. He is a successful merchant, and expert in operations, buying, and creating amazing service standards. Call Jack to help with your club concerns. Reach Jack at 407-973-6136, or e-mail him at dillonjack53@gmail.com.

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