5 ways to grow your old business

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Business today is not easy. Working to make your club a success is not fun and yes, so not easy! There are so many things that get in the way. Sometimes the interruptions become so loud that your time is spent putting out those daily fires, instead of adding more dollars to the cash box. Business is not a straight line, but just for today, let’s make business a little less complex. Here are 5 ways to absolutely grow your business. See if they can ring true for you:

1) Hire very strong managers. Better managers know how to communicate to golfers and staff. They know how to promote the property and the opportunity they have, and they also know how to control cost, including payroll. They know how to work the community.  

2) Identify your top customers. The top 20%. Service today must be unfair. Work diligently to find out who your best spenders are and serve them better, know them better, do the things they like every day.

3) Create customer service that gets much closer to the customer. It is important that you and your team talk with your golfers every day. Customers are people, and we are in the golf business. Make your service extraordinary by making it personal. It is important they feel you appreciate them, their business and their loyalty. When the connections are better, ask them for more business. Never be shy when it comes to your success. 

4) Build a communications’ link at the property that is top notch. Create newsletters, social media platforms, and social events that lets customers know this property exists for them. That it has amazing energy and fun, and they are your center of attention!

5) Create an events’ calendar that blows people away. Create golf events that are different, fun, and never ending. Six-hole events, mixed team events, hickory golf club events, 4-club events, etc. The event calendar should extend to great food events, wine events, and ice cream socials. Make it all about them and the fun! Get your customers to think about your business far beyond the 18thgreen.

OK, there you are. In thinking about this post, I decided to cut right through the baloney and provide ideas that will work. Now, execution is the secret sauce isn’t it? These are not easy to do, but they will increase your business when done well. Think about having a strong management team, knowing who your top spenders are, and their likes: creating a calendar of things to do that will make your club the place to be. Building a series of events that educate all with amazing energy, uniqueness, and FUN! Go ahead, give them a try. Create the property you want to join!  

 Jack Dillon writes the highfives.  Jack is a speaker/presenter with 45 years in the golf industry.  Have Jack speak to your team.  Jack is a Toastmaster.  He lives in Orlando.  Thank you.

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