5 Ways to Grow Sales in 2019

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Every golf course is looking to grow sales. No matter the club, no matter the department, they each have larger targets than the year before. Other than a better social media plan, how will sales grow? Sales, I believe can grow once we realize that your people can be the driving force to that growth. During the past several years, I have observed that many of the people working the property have turned into clerks. Clerks in my definition are paid to do tasks, not create and develop customers. It is time to change the structure and job descriptions to reflect a focus on sales and instead of tasks. Sales is the oxygen of a business. Building sales is fun! It takes the right people, a solid plan, and work from the entire team to succeed. Here are five thoughts on growing sales in 2019:

1) Change team members to create a team of people who are outgoing & interested in people and in your entire business. These people can be taught to sell

2) Create a training program that develops every person on the property in knowing how to sell to your expectations

3) Every team member should be told that they are in sales.  Sales is not a job for a select few, but a program for every team member to execute. Everyone can create sales: the bag drop staff, the superintendent, the course rangers.  If all have the same vision, sales and loyalty can grow. Teaching the right questions to ask is vital

4) Set up staff meetings (to be held as often as necessary) talking about what is happening with conversations, transactions, and total results

5) Teach the discipline of upselling.  There are so many opportunities to drive more dollars in a sale that are missed every day.  Once we teach the format for upselling and then remind the team through managing past transactions, you can lay the groundwork for self-management going forward.  Upselling should be a daily practice in every department.

We should remove the people from the lineup that don’t sell, and will not comply. Bringing in willing staff members who like people is a great next step. I believe there is no magic to sales. We need willing people, a plan, follow-up, reminding, recognition and rewards. There is no doubt in my mind that more sales are available every day, if we create the framework to seek them out. As you think about this new year, think about turning all of your staff into people who are property, product, and sales experts who enjoy what they do.  Once you arrive here, bigger and better sales are just around the corner.  


Jack Dillon writes the highfives series and is a speaker and expert in service, operations, and the golf shop.  He has been in the golf industry for 45 years and can help your people grow. Contact Jack at 407-973-6136.

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