5 ways to give golfers what they want

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Now that we are working hard to gain a sense of some normalcy in our daily lives, golf courses too are working to improve their game for the sake of their members and guests.

The game is back! People are playing... boy are they playing! A friend in North Dakota, a public course general manager, told me he just had his best April… ever! Where golfers can play, they are playing. Of course, it is about the chance to get out of the house. It is also a love of the game, a need to feel a little bit normal, be near friends, and also have a bit of competition once again. The game has rushed back to many courses across the country. As property leaders were still working on the best new rules & standards for safety, golfers were packing their tee sheets and parking lots. For those of us in the industry, we felt a sigh of relief because golfers were coming back, even in the middle of a pandemic. What a game!

At the same time, it felt as if things were not quite right, golf courses were not always ready, teams were maybe more fearful than enthusiastic. As we move toward the end of spring, golfers will continue to come, as the virus in many areas has not shown any type of strong resurgence. Now that we are working hard to gain a sense of some normalcy in our daily lives, golf courses too are working to improve their game for the sake of their members and guests. This highfives post is about some of the benefits golfers want. Although there are far more than 5 benefits and values golfers look for from the experience, this post will discuss 5 desired by many golfers in 2020. Here are today’s highfives:

  1. Signage: people want good signage throughout. They want to know where things are, and how to get around the property without looking for help, asking many questions
  2. Golfers want to move around the course comfortably, with good pace. (during this period, the stories of faster golf rounds are coming from all over the country)
  3. Conditions: golfers as we all know want good tees and greens. If you can provide these conditions, with short rough, you will play more rounds, and in a faster average speed
  4. Water: golfers want drinking water on the course and would also like a beverage cart or take-out after 9. Now that clubhouses are beginning to open, other revenue sources can begin again
  5. Ranger support: providing knowledgeable help throughout the round gives your golfers a level of real comfort for their day of golf. As a team, your staff can make the difference by doing the basic things very well. Most people accept the pull back in overall amenities, due to the times we are in. If you and your staff go the extra mile to be there, providing team support, it will help these golfers make favorable decisions for future bookings

People are being asked to change their ways in so many parts of their lives today. If your property has an App, or the need to use mobile to play your course, why not set up a simple tutorial sheet as a handout and for your web site. The better the service you provide, the more repeat business you can earn. Golfers will continue to play the places where the they feel most at ease, where the service levels are demonstrably better. Go the extra mile during this time. Add a bit of excellence to all you do throughout the day. This just may be an amazing year for golf rounds. Doing the small things well might just give your property some large rewards.

Jack Dillon writes the highfives series. Jack has been a part of the golf industry for 46 years. He is a speaker and expert on service, operations, communications, and merchandise. Contact Jack at 407-973-6136. Dillonjack53@gmail.com. He lives in Orlando.


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