5 ways to get more women to play your course

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Every golf course continues to search for more rounds, more golfers, more revenue. Whether you manage a private club or a golf course open to the public, there are women within your earshot who want to learn to play golf and to play with the people in their lives. We continue to read stories that golf does not attract women or make the game welcoming. Let’s just say for the sake of the 400 words here, that this is true. How do we take the greatest economic force, maybe in history, and invite them to the 1sttee? Here are more than 5 thoughts on growing the game with women:

1)   Create an amazing rental set program for women.  It will take awhile for women to decide and then invest in equipment.  Provide them quality equipment with name brand options.  Treat women as first-class customers

2)   Realize that women want a friendly, social environment. When they come with friends they want spotless restrooms, well marked areas that are also well lit.  Pay attention to safety, details, and service

3)   Develop clinics and group lesson opportunities for your women golfers.  The more they enjoy it, the more they play, the more they will spend

4)   Present parts of the food menu that offers salads and other special offerings for women.  Be sure to have a quality wine list

5)   Women care more about fashion than the # of CC’s in a driver.  Work hard to get educated about how to present each sales area for women.  Please, do not take advice from men

6)   *(bonus)Build fun and education into your social media for your women golfers.  Show women that you want them at your club.  Provide quality information on equipment, instruction, and how to purchase with value.  Invite them to golf because they want to play

7)   *(bonus) women hold the key to the family and how time & money is spent.  With contact sports now being off the play list for many families, become proactive in your effort to create family golf programs.

Although women are busier than ever, they also make more decisions than ever as they manage several lives.  They care about their own well-being and the well-being of their families.  It is truly time to make the golf course a place where women can feel relaxed, safe and comfortable.




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