5 ways to develop a staff that is obsessed with service

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How many times have you read or seen an interview where a business leader states that their organization is obsessed with providing “world class service” to their customers? At the same time, if you are a customer of one of these organizations, you never seem to be a target of these service directives. Why is there a leader telling us customers are valuable, and the service execution tells a different tale? There may be many reasons why, but two that seem evident to me include: the leader is too far from the customer and rarely, if ever, ventures to where service happens. The other, because the leader is not taking good care of the team, those who are paid to carry out the top-flight service strategy.  

The service theme shows up almost daily everywhere we look, but I believe providing strong, personal service is one way to grow your success.  When you build a system where your staff is driven to create great service and attention to detail, you will drive more rounds, sales, and repeat business. Here are five thoughts on creating an obsession with great customer service:

1) Hire only people who care about people, who know that golf is a business of service, and who deeply believe that great service is not servitude.

2) Be out where the customers play. It is essential to watch service and interactions yourself because you want to recognize the good acts and improve the poor service situations.  Catch people doing something right!

3) Be sure you make service important every day.  In your staff meetings, your one on one conversations, and your reward system, create the fact that you are all about a great, personal experience.  Measure what you want to see

4) Build a work schedule that supports your team and your business. When team members can organize their life, they can obsess on the important part of work, the customer.  Know that every employee has a personal life that impacts all they do, including their work at the club

5) Talk to your customers daily. Ask them what they like, what you can improve, and ask them this question: please tell me one thing I can do to make this club a better experience for you?   

Bonus point: Please have enough coverage. Great service demands real quality and also quantity.

Great, personal service can and will set you apart. If you decide to develop a system, please know there can never be a day off in providing the service you would demand if you were the customer.  Above all, please remember to add the Fun for golfer and team member!  Thank you.

Jack Dillon writes the highfives series.  Jack is a presenter and speaker.  He lives in Orlando.  Reach Jack at 407-973-6136.  

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