5 ways to adjust to the new normal

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Jack Dillon share his tips on how to make the best of your time on the golf course in a Covid world

Although the nation is still in the midst of struggling with an epidemic that has brought fear and angst to every corner of the globe, one area of light that is shining through the cracks, is our little industry. People are coming! They are leaving their homes and coming to the golf course. Forget the rakes, and actually draining a long putt for par, people are playing golf. In my unscientific study over the past few weeks, every golf course I have called, no matter the area of the country, has been busy. Actually, the tee sheets have been full. People are playing from sun up through sun down. Of course, I know they are aching to do anything away from home. At the same time, I know it is more than that. It is because they have missed the game and they genuinely wanted to swing at the ball again, matte or glossy finish.

Because of the health crisis however, all golfers can do for now is play golf. The chance to shop, to mingle, and hang out at the club with friends, over a drink or two, is not possible. The full experience will happen again, but down the road, as the medical community develops the medicines and vaccines to allow all, the chance to more fully enjoy the golf experience they once knew. But golfers are golfing again! It sounds great, it feels great, and it is really wonderful just to type the words. That means your team is working hard, maybe harder than they have in an awfully long time. In this Covid world, where rules seem to change by the day, this work is stressful and thankless. This post is about saying thanks. It is about recognizing the people on your team who are in a strange place, working during difficult days, to take care of your operation, their families, allowing golfers to play, to play a game. Here are my highfives on recognizing your people for everyday excellence:

  1.   Be out and about every day, looking for opportunities to just say thanks to the team
  2.   Provide small rewards, including gift cards for gas and food
  3.   Write out thank you notes for every important customer interaction, both small and large
  4.   Promise all, a “Glad to be rid of the virus” party when it is over, and make it a great one
  5.   Offer time off and a few extra dollars to team members. Even if the dollars are small and the extra time is short, do it. The recognition will be noted, and the loyalty you earn will go a long way.

Recognition is vital in the world of business. It can profoundly change an organization and the attitude of the team when they realize they are valued. During this time of crisis, recognizing people, your people can be priceless. Never miss the opportunity to say thank you. In my experience, it always comes back to you.


Jack Dillon writes the highfives series. Jack has been in the golf industry for 46 years. He is a speaker, a coach, and an expert in merchandise, operations, and communications. Jack is an advanced Toastmaster. Contact him at 407-973-6136. Jack lives in Orlando.


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