5 ways to add Fun to Golf

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I have contended for many years that as an industry, we have protected the game of golf while straining much of the fun out of it. For the millions of people who want to play golf and be with friends and family, we have added a stern face on what should be a great way to enjoy time. Golf is a game and a sport to enjoy with all. But, it feels that it is now mostly about cutting costs. Because most customers treat it as a game, we should try to lead with that thought in mind. Here are 5 ways to add enjoyment and fun to our game and your property:

1)  Create a shorter golf course. Create sets of tees for women and juniors that create shorter holes all around. We need to take the intimidation down a few notches. Do the same thing for the average guy. People strive to make pars. Not much repeat business in a double bogie

2)  Allow people to play 9 holes. No doubt you need to drive rounds and rate, but why not create day parts where people know they can come out for a smaller fee to play 9? Offer a quick food service to add sales to each round. For many average golfers, 9 holes is their limit

3)  Have short game instructions all week. Set up economical clinics where your golf pro helps your customers improve, thus enjoy the game even more. If I can play better, I play more!

4)  For your women golfers, create a friendly, social environment. Set up a mentor structure where a few members/frequent women golfers build connections with the women who play your course, as well as women in the neighborhood. I am more likely to come where I feel people will accept me and where I am comfortable

5)  Have a monthly calendar filled with energy, fun events, and education. The more you can invite people, while breaking the game down to become a bit friendlier, the more traffic you will create. When you set up the right platform, people will come.  It is about taking away the intimidation, building confidence, and helping strangers to become friends. You are the mayor of your property!

6)  Step back and take it less seriously as you put on your happy face every morning.

The golf course can be a different place. It must be in order to add value to the people who want to play. Yes, golf is a game. There are days it seems, most of us can’t see the golfer for the spreadsheets in front of us. Take the time to build a better platform fromtheir point of view. Long golf courses with high rough and prices to boot will only drive interested people away. Men, women, and kids want to play, but we need to add certain parts red carpet, certain parts education, and a large part fun for the investment of time and money. People want to play this game……it is up to us!  Thank you.


Jack Dillon writes the highfives series.  He can be reached at 407-973-6136.  Jack lives in Orlando.

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