5 thoughts on using data to improve your golf business

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Back in another time, the 1960’s, this was the line used by the operator when we called looking for a phone number. I said it was another time! We got an assist to find a person and a phone number when information was not at our fingertips. Today, we are self sufficient with much of the world’s information right there, with a click or a swipe. In 2018, we receive more information in a 24-hour period than our grandparents did during their entire lifetime. Let that piece of information roll around your brain for a few seconds.

This post is about the information you, your team, and your machines gather at the property. In being part of many organizations over the past decades, it was never the lack of information, it was what will we do with it, and can we even find time to use it that were the driving questions? We are in the part of the “Information Age” where the data is overwhelming. We can purchase the software to learn anything we want about the business, our community, and the people who frequent the club. Information is the true currency of this time. As currency, we can use it wisely, fritter it away, or have it sit there dormant.

 Here are 5 thoughts about information: it’s uses and protection. One question I will first ask is: your club; is it a technology business? From the way you ring up transactions, the way your Super takes care of the golf course, the accounting function, and the sales team, they all use modern methods to serve your golfers. Maybe you do have a technology company, but just did not look at it in this way. Here are the 5 thoughts:

1)  First gather the management team together to understand the full scope of the information at your fingertips

2)  At some point, hire an intern or young person who will mine the data, and package it for you and your managers. The data will be amazing. It can change your business

3)  Begin to meet on the information being packaged. From how you can save money on freight, to what shirts Mr. Smith likes, as well as his favorite meal. Start the process of building a complete plan for how the data can serve you. Plan to use it

4)  Train all staff on what the data means, how to use the information “inside the detail.”  It is important that all people on the team understand how the data can help their part of the business

5)  Protect yourself. Make certain you have the protection for your system that you need. Be certain you have the right talent, and know that not everyone you hire will have your best interest at heart. Make sure your passwords are updated on a regular basis.

Allow no one to get lazy with your machines or data. I am not an expert, far from it, and these are only my opinions. Over many decades, I have seen where solid data was right in front of us, but we could not pull it together. I have also been witness to very serious breaches from people inside the organization. Data can help you in many ways. Please make sure you know more than anyone else on your team.  Have checks and balances and learn all you can about what you are paying for and what can be done with it. Thank you.

 Jack Dillon writes the highfives post.  He is a speaker and a blogger.  Jack has been in the golf industry for 45 years.  He has been writing this post for more than 8 years.  Have Jack speak at your next meeting, or better still perform his Q & A for your team, providing specific answers to your team.  Call Jack at 407-973-6136.  Jack lives in Orlando.


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