5 Thoughts on Making Golf Better

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An Introduction

With a new year and new golf season comes renewed hope. Hope that this year will be different, better and more profitable than those of the recent past. We are hoping that more people get back to work, more people join the game, and more people decide that golf becomes their pastime of choice.

In addition to great news stories, Golf Inc. is introducing a new post called The High Five Series.This series will be about 5 thoughts/ideas that will get you to think differently about the game and your business and even provide ideas you can try today.This post will be about making tangible improvements, which we hope will result in more golfers on golf courses.

The High Five Serieswill appear periodically in the pages of Golf Inc. In addition, we will have a High Five blog.The blog will be a regular feature on the Golf Inc. web site.We are excited about this opportunity to get proactive in the daily business of golf. It will be fun and very interesting as we move deeper into the season and stoke the conversation.

We expect this series not only to build ideas for growth, but also to add your voice. This series will be about best executions as we strive to help you improve you business and spread winning ideas quickly. The more we can create informed conversations about real world tries and wins, the faster the success will come.

Although there are many barriers to improving the game and its growth, there have also been many winning ideas which have put more people and kids on golf properties. We want to help you knock down barriers while spreading these good thoughts and ideas. They may not all work for you in your business, but we promise to keep giving you the best we have with each post. We promise to make it interesting!

We also intend to move away from center, to come up with a few very unique thoughts and ideas. It is time; time to try some different things. People want an experience today as never before. They want to have fun with real friends and family. People are very tired of recession stories, deficit stories, and 24 hour news. It is time to improve the offer; to provide an appealing value opportunity for experienced and new golfers alike. Yes, it may even be time to get a bit radical. If Richard Branson or Steve Jobs became Golf’s Czar this week, what do you think they would think about our game and the value proposition it provides? If you became the game’s Czar, what are those absolutes you would add or delete by the first of March? We really want to help improve the service delivery and open up an invitation to a wider audience.

Our aim is to add fun to the game. We want to bring more Millenials into the sport and to build a more welcoming game for women. Women seem to have all of the money today…….and that will increase over time. The world just outside of 18 green is changing and moving quickly. We will present several High Five ideas which we hope will get you in the fast lane. The game can no longer afford to repeat the actions of the past 10-15 years. As our economy improves, we want you to be there with more customers, more members, and more revenue.

That is our introduction. Ideas, thoughts and a new blog we hope will get you to think in new directions. In the coming months we plan to touch on many areas including;

  • Ways to battle the real barriers of time, cost, and difficulty
  • Breaking the code: conforming to the non-conformists
  • Are we having FUN yet?
  • A different way to play better golf…..and more

So welcome to The High Five Series; we will have something different to say.

Jack Dillon


I am looking forward to this series. My out of the box ideas include bigger holes, shorter length (if the mythical bogey player hits his drive 200, why can't par-4's be 250?) and course routings that bring players back to the clubhouse every three or six holes.

This new series, by Jack, maybe the best viewing of the year. We were fortunate enough to have Jack Dillon speak at our annual meeting, and our Team Leaders listened to fresh ideas and approaches. I am expecting new revenue successes in 2011, following our team's exposure to the "High Fives".

Jack Dillon is sharing some great thoughts and ideas in this new series. Having worked with Jack for many years, I have implemented many of these approcahes in my business and have seen great results - this is required reading for those who want to be succesful operators now and in the future!

Jack, I am so delighted you are doing this. Based on having read a lot of your work, you will provide great counsel and valuable ideas to the industry. You will not be surprised that I am particularly pleased that you'll spend some time on thoughts that will help make the game more welcoming, comfortable and fun for women, not just because it's the right thing to do, but because there is a huge economic gain for the industry. At present the industry is leaving hundreds of millions on the table. It will take a great deal of effort to attract and retain women, but as you know from the track record we had at our course, it will be worth it. Cheers, Arthur Little
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Kevin, Thank you. I hope you like what we present over the coming weeks and months. My hope is to shake things up and make them happen as we bring a few different ideas to you.

All power to you Jack. Time to lift the negativity and start getting proactive. Hope this series resonates around the golfing globe and fires life into our great game!!

Bravo Kevin Coombs. Totally agree. I have a proposal out with the same concept for a property that went under a few years ago in this area. Large greens with two or three holes in them - one or more larger than usual; eliminate so many of the miserable hazards; encourage walking again; break the traditions of par (par should be based on one's ability not a set standard for all players); and "coaches" that are there for you as you learn the game - those who are dedicated to coaching you into a regular player, not so much a pro who sees you as an annuity.

Why not introduce higher reward for difficult pin placements, low reward to easy placements, in essence have 2 holes on every green

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