5 things to do when returning to the course

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To-do basics

At the time of this writing, 77% of golf courses throughout the states are open or will be opening within the next few days. That is wonderful news for golfers, operators, and employees.  Golf, the population is learning, is a sport that can be played while obeying the rules of social distancing. In speaking with several industry people, preparing to reopen golf courses is far more complex now than raking the sand, changing cups, and vacuuming the golf shop.  It is a whole new ball game this spring, thanks to Covid-19. The rules are complex, they seem to change almost daily, and they may even be unique to your state or local government. Wow, and all golfers want to do is just get out and play the game they love.  As you go through this new changing yellow brick road to your first tee, it is helpful to also remember the traditional to-dos which in the past, made the golfers feel good about your property, service level, and team.  This highfives post is a simple reminder about things we may want to continue to practice:

  1. Keep the property clean. From the parking lot, right through the 18th green, keep the discipline clean.  People equate clean to a nice scent, so make sure the clubhouse has a nice, fresh smell every day
  2. Make certain the entire team is in the property uniform. Be certain every staff member looks good.  If name tags are part of the uniform, have the tags be standard operating practice
  3. With the new world order in place because of Covid-19, plan on a daily 15-20 minute meeting.  With so many new important things to do, you’ll want to remind all about the value of a smile, and of going the extra mile for members and guests.  There is so much to remember
  4. Work on a plan to add in some surprises each week for your golfers.  From a ½ price meal to a $5.00 shop gift card, or a FREE 15 minute golf lesson, execute added value items that show your appreciation for their loyalty, when you can
  5. Work on course conditions. Nothing will make your golfers feel better about the club than a golf course with great greens and fairways.  Spending the time to go the extra mile can pay off, as this season may extend deep into the fall

These are tough times, for every person, for every business. Setting in motion a plan that goes the added mile for conditions, for cleanliness, and service execution will, I believe, bring your golfers back over and over again. Oh, offer them an incentive to bring their friends. Golf is coming back. Over the past few weeks, I have been hearing about busy golf courses in many parts of the country. People are excited to be playing their game again. Let’s get them to come back over and over all season long… to your first tee.  One other thought: take real good care of your team. I am guessing the daily stress is tough on one and all. Thank you.

Jack Dillon writes the highfives posts. Jack has been a part of golf for 46 years. He is a speaker, and expert in service, communications, service, and operations. Please connect with Jack as you work to improve your club. Contact Jack at 407-973-6136. He lives in Orlando.

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