5 secrets to hiring the best managers

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Jack Dillon shares his advice on the key traits and values managers should have

As we continue to gingerly step into this new world, we realize that even as the skies may clear a bit, the structure of the team will have changed. There will be less staff on any given day. The part-time staff will have more engagement, working hard to uphold critical service levels. Department managers will play an ever more important role as they work to restore sales and revenue taken out by the virus. As the property leader, you must pull magic from you cap in order to do all of the things property owners expect, members demand, and guests crave out of the property, and the golf experience. Although golf is still a game, now being played all over this land, the past 90+ days has provided the need to look at the organizational chart in a new and different way.

One of the most valuable positions moving forward is the department manager. Each will carry more responsibility, make more decisions, and be asked to move with more agility as the season accelerates. Your management staff may be intact, or you may have openings to fill, therefore the thing to know is that the hiring process is different, as the skills needed today are more specific than even 5 months ago as you and the property were entering a new year, a new decade. The highfives post today focuses on key traits, the important values department managers should possess if they are to become a successful part of the post virus service experience. Here are my five thoughts:

  1. A department manager should have an amazing attitude. One that shows a smile and winning pace every day, no matter the situation
  2. Every department manager should be all about high energy! We know that we feel better, and respond quicker when our manager has an amazing level of energy
  3. One of the most valuable traits for a manager is their ability to listen thoroughly and carefully, to take in the entire conversation, without thinking of the answer until the speaker has finished. Listening well, is a most valuable business skill, one that needs more time & attention in today’s business world
  4. Courage is a trait that seems rare in today’s service economy. Being a courageous manager means driving for the best member experience every day, while protecting team members, together with property standards, in an economy that is tougher to navigate. Courageous managers hold high value and will be coveted for years to come
  5. Execution is the last, not the least of the traits we want in our department managers. When there is a department leader that can just get things done, the property leader has the time and opportunity to build additional revenue streams for the club. If all departments can get to excel at execution, the face of the property takes on a much brighter outlook in a shorter period of time.

Whether you have an entire management team in place or are in a transition, look to add these skills to your organization. The staff, the members, and the overall community will be glad you did.


Jack Dillon writes the highfives blog. Jack is a speaker, an expert in merchandise, operations, the customer service experience. He has been in this industry for 46 years. Contact Jack to help create a team as never before. Jack can be reached at 407-973-6136. He lives in Orlando.


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