5 keys to great service

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Being responsible for a golf course operation is not an easy role. It combines serving many people who are playing throughout your property. It is about getting the job done well with a team of many, over approximately 150 acres or more of land. As the leader you are entrusted to get the job done. Just as important, you have a very large team that also must perform in order to call each day a success. When I think about the overall work needed to create a wonderful place to recreate, it truly feels daunting.  How can you and your team execute a service strategy that masks the hard work, while showcasing a service attitude that makes every golfer and guest feel warm and safe about being on your property?

Creating a unique service structure while getting your team to execute each day is not an easy task. There are so many balls in the air. Certainly, it takes the right people.  It also takes an attitude and a strategy that provides freedom of expression with solid direction. As with a sports team, the coach provides all of the behind the scenes instruction, while the players are asked to play hard and win the game, with the coach on the bench. Here are 5 thoughts about execution and service:

1)    Have a written plan that all can and will follow. Review often, tweak when needed

2)    Be a coach, as you allow people to work the plan without your interference

3)    Mentor all on the work to be done, being specific about the level of service demanded

4)    Instead of yearly employee reviews, have a plan of monthly get togethers, which should be more frequent when people go astray. 

5)    Recognize in a good way the execution you like as soon as you see it.  Reward it as well.

6)    (Bonus) Create a culture where you are approachable and where the team can feel safe around you, and in their role.  Allow people to try, fail, try again and again. Once you achieve this level of emotional safety, you will see a team of smiling people who can be themselves, working hard, while building a 1stclass service program.


Jack Dillon writes the highfive series.  Jack is a speaker, presenter, blogger.  He has been in the golf industry for more than 40 years.  You can reach Jack at 407-973-6136.  Jack lives in Orlando.  Why not build a better team using Jack’s strategy of making the business better with people?  He will help you grow your success.


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