5 ways to create great shopkeeping

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During this time of year I enjoy the many holiday movies that come around on my television.  One of my favorites is: "The Shop Around the Corner."  This movie takes place during the 1930's in Hungary.  It is a story about a retail shop and the lives of the people who work there.  As a longtime merchant, I relate to the theme and the story.  Growing up in golf as a merchant was fun, a lot of fun.  It was the reason I made golf my career.  Although retail has changed so very much, the golf course pro shop still remains that one place where time has almost stood still.  The pro shop has so many advantages on the many stores around town.  This post is about the pro shop, and some reminders of how to create a great service and engagement story.  Here are my 5 thoughts on shopkeeping:

  1. Have a full shop (in season), with important brands, as well as some new brands. Represent all product classes well, have strong fashion stories for men and women, and create amazing presentations to excite all
  2. Hire people for the shop that like people and know how to serve.  Running a great shop means a strong team game filled with joy for the work and the people they serve
  3. Make certain every team member knows the products, the brands, and understands how to match the right goods to each member.  Great engagement is about proper fit from head to toe
  4. Build fun & excitement into each day.  The golf shop should be about the latest goods served with smiles, in an atmosphere where people want to serve well
  5. To create the best in engagement be certain to have a plan for recognizing shop success & rewarding your team.  Reward the success you want to see again and again
  6. (a bonus) Make strong use of the knowledge you have.  Knowing the members, the facility, and the vendors is a great advantage, especially over big box.  Use them well, and appreciate member loyalty.

  Although retail is changing faster than ever, your members have the same passion for their game, and their membership to your club.  Work daily to show them why you are a shopkeeper that cares about them and their game, and appreciates their loyalty.


Jack Dillon is the author of this highfives series.  Jack is a golf expert, a Toastmaster and speaker.  Jack lives in Orlando.  Reach Jack at 407-973-6136.  Thank you.

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