CMAE to launch benchmark study

The Club Managers Association of Europe (CMAE) has launched a most comprehensive club and golf benchmarking study, thought to be the largest ever undertaken in Europe.

Delivered by Global Golf Advisors, its aim will be to measure vital operational performance metrics and industry-wide trends against which clubs can benchmark their own performance.

“For too long, Europe’s club leaders have gone without access to comprehensive and reliable industry benchmarking data," CMAE President, Marc Newey. "This extraordinary initiative, will address that, empowering club decision-makers with highly relevant industry trends and best practices. We invite and encourage clubs to grasp this opportunity to contribute to a better-informed industry”

Participation in the study is open to city, sporting, racquet, golf and yacht clubs as well as resort and real estate properties throughout Europe. There is no cost and for clubs that contribute, CMAE will provide a complimentary copy of the comprehensive European Report. National reports may also be available through CMAE Alliance Partner Associations.

The study will gather, analyse and report on data relating to;

•            Membership absorption and attrition levels, rates and categories

•            Staffing and Remuneration

•            Food and Beverage

•            Utilisation 

•            Capital Maintenance and Development

•            Golf Course Maintenance 

The first European Report is expected to be released at this year's CMAE’s 2107 European Conference.

The CMAA in the U.S. recently announced it will undertake a similar study with Industry Insights, a company that collects and analyzes data collection. Industry Insights will provide CMAA with summary analytical data to provide members with an online portal to compare club results with others. 

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