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It seems as if every business is working to improve customer service: why?  What is their end game, their purpose.  Do they believe a smile and a "Good Morning" from 75 yards away will help them build sales?  Peter Drucker, the fabulous managment consultant of the 20th century said, "the purpose of a business is to create a customer."   So many businesses today really do not understand this concept, if they do, they refuse to want to practice it.  Building a successful, profitable business takes lots of work from everyone on the team.  It takes constant communication, lots of change, plus having a continous improvement program.  Let's look at building sales and customers by being nice!

  Everything a business does should be about supporting the customer, serving the customer well, and working to create sales from the customer and their friends and family.  If we can take the idea of customer service and attach the purpose of building sales and customers, now we can create results from serving and being nice.  Today, let's look at 5 thoughts on building your business by creating a plan around being nice.  I believe when you the boss puts an action plan designed to build sales every day into place, your team will show the proper results.  At the end of the day, you want to see results from service, from creating a culture of being truly nice to your members and guests.  No doubt, the better they feel about the club, the more they will frequent your course, and the more they just might use all of the areas of your facility.  If you are nice to me, chances are I will also hang around a bit longer, spending even more dough.  We must however, have a purpose.

  Here are 5 thoughts for you to think about, and maybe try in order to add sales daily:

  1. first, hire smart people who you want to be around.  People who have an attitude of wanting to help and serve people
  2. set up a program where you begin with nice service, and move into the plan of creating additional sales daily, while growing customers......on purpose
  3. Once you pick the date to roll out the plan, have a measurement system ready to keep score with either simple comment cards, or on-line surveys, designed to give you true feedback
  4. From day one, have a recognition and reward system in place.  Partner with your vendors to offer prizes (and cash) that has meaning to the team.  Create nice recognition parties quarterly, showcasing results and awarding the team
  5. Have a plan to take the idea of nice and turn it into a true business differential.

  Many businesses greet us as we walk through their doors.  Their people smile, and offer a kind word.  If you are to survive in the world of 2016, nice must have a profitable end game.  Make the smiles work for you.  Never stop building the plan to add customers and sales the nice way. 

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