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On a recent early morning walk, I noticed the young soccer players beginning their pregame warm ups, as they prepared for the game.  It brought back so many memories from the days I played baseball.  Game day was the day of the week.  I prepared all week for that day.  I prayed to the weather gods if there was a bad forecast as I could not wait to get to the ball field and jump into the thing I loved most in my early life!  Passion plays a large role in all of sport.  Golf is a passion for all of us reading this, and just like those young soccer players, we can't wait to get to the 1st tee to jump into one of our great loves.

  Because golf is a passion, and so much more than just a sport, I suggest you rethink your service mission.  So many times as I visit golf clubs, it appears tough for the staff members to break a smile, let alone truly engage with their golfers.  It is time to rethink the many touchpoints in and around the golf course.  Because we are in the service business, maybe it's time to put service at the top of the daily mission list.  With so much sameness in the execution piece of the golf experience, the one big difference is the team, and how they build the day of golf for their golfers.  Today, I am offering 5 thoughts on how to bring that same youthful passion to your customers' experience each and every day.  It just might be that difference you are looking for.  Here are my 5 thoughts:

  1. Have a 10-15 morning meeting (maybe each shift change) with staff.  A short meeting to remind all what is important in the service strategy can help build your service focus
  2. To ask the team to always insure eye contact with the guests.  A smile with eye contact shows your golfers you have willing service providers
  3. Have staff members take the time to drive around the course, working to be available for questions
  4. Offer a free mini-lesson program on the range at some point on days with a busy tee sheet.  Golfers who play better will play more
  5. Have everyone be available for guests.  Also, teach all to thank the golfers for their patronage.  At the same time work to book their next round.

  Golfers love their sport.  They have great enthusiasm for the game, and can't wait to get to the course.  It is important to have that same attitude on the other side of the counter.  If we do, we have the chance to build more loyalty into the business.  If we do not, the decision on whether to play your course or the one down the street becomes about a few dollars, and you have worked too hard to lose golfers over dollars.  Make sure the passion is installed into your service offering.  The energy, the rounds, and the dollars will grow sky high.

Jack Dillon writes the highfives.  Jack is a speaker with an expertise in the golf shop, player development, and great service for women.  You can reach Jack at or 407-973-6136.  Give Jack a ring.  He can help you build a better business.  

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