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Over the past few years I continue to hear stories about the workplace as family.  That everything about work should feel like family.  Well, I am here to tell you the other side.  To tell you that work is work and family is family.  Over the past several decades, I have worked for more than a dozen organizations, all in this industry.  Although there were several that were wonderful places to work, none were like home, and none felt like my family.  As we continue to build a better business, let's position the team and the club for success, and as a solid workplace.  During my work career, I have lost a job or two, but have remained as part of the same family for more than sixty years.  Here are 5 thoughts in building a better workplace where people can feel good about their job:

  1. Hire people you feel will fit into your community.  Spend a lot of time recruiting, interviewing, and working with the new staffer, especially in the first thirty days
  2. Build a training and development plan with the new person.  Develop timelines and goals so your new team member can feel the progress
  3. Talk about the club as a great place to work.  Do not get into a discussion about building a family.  It is important to be always authentic
  4. Work is work and home is home.  People know the difference so being always honest and real, in good times and bad times has great value
  5. In the work world there may be terminations and layoffs.  A great way to keep a great workplace atmosphere is by keeping people informed.  If there are layoffs coming, why not ask for volunteers.  Being open may tell you about the people who are planning to leave on their own.

  Although the company name on my check has changed often, my name remains the same.  As you continue to build your club, work to respect every staffer, teach them well, be fair and open with them, and provide each opportunities to learn and to grow.  The workplace can become a strong team, much of that is up to you, however it will never be like family.


Jack Dillon writes the highfives blog.  Jack is a Speaker, a golf shop expert, and someone who knows player development and how to servev women consumers.  Reach Jack at 407-973-6136, or at  Thank you.

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