Kung Fu Panda acquires GC at Echo Falls

King Fu Panda, which Northwest Asian Weekly says is and “international investment group … owned by a Chinese American” has acquired The Golf Club at Echo Falls in Snohomish, Wash. The investment group’s owners also develop golf courses and hotels in China. 

The club’s previous owner, Scott Oki sold the club to the company for an undisclosed price. He purchased the club in 1994, two years after it opened in 1992. The 155-acre property features an 18-hole golf course, designed by Jack Frei. 

The club, which is located about 30 miles north of Seattle, may be turned into a resort with a 100-room hotel, Northwest Asian Weekly reports. 

“KFP likes this place because it makes people feel comfortable and relaxing,” KFP’s real estate agent Chesil Thye told Northwest Asian Weekly. “We have looked at quite a few golf courses and found this one to be the best and most beautiful. We have not consulted with any feng shui experts when (the owners) bought the golf club. However, everyone who came like the environment and has nothing but praise.” 

Northwest Asian Weekly reports that the property was not up for sale but the investment property made an offer, which Oki accepted.

Okie owns 10 other golf courses in the Pacific Northwest including The Plateau Club and Indian Summer Golf & Country Club. Oki Golf will continue to manage the recently acquired company.


I can't imagine the heavy traffic that will occur with a 100 room hotel. Not surprised they didn't consult a feng shui expert, I don't think they would approve of all the popping noises coming from the giant power towers going through the course. Truly relaxing.

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