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The next several highfives posts will be about people.  All of the people who touch the club, including the staff, the golfers, and the suppliers who serve your everyday needs.  People drive the story at the club, and yet there are times, we each find them a barrier or an interruption to business, as opposed to the reason we are in business.  I hope you get a few ideas from these posts.  I am passionate about the people side of our business, because I truly believe we each leave something on the table every day.  We can do a better job for and with the people in our business.  We need step back, listen, and then create a new direction.

  Whether we are talking about the people we hire, the golfers who pay the bills or the vendor people who supply us the goods to make the club go, we all get to work with and serve people every day of the year.  Are we good at the people business?  If so, what are the things we do well?  If not, what are the few things we can do now, to dramatically improve the attitude and feel of the club?

  Below are 5 thoughts about improving your relationship with people.  As we move ahead with other posts, I will get more specific and detailed, on the groups that interact with your club on a daily basis.  Here are today’s highfives on people, the people who work, play, and serve your club:

  1. Know that you will not create great service for your guests until your staff feels like you have their backs.  How do your people feel about their role, the club, you?
  2. When you are creating the next golfer promotion are you asking the people who will decide to buy it or not, if it is the real deal for them?
  3. We are all smart enough to know that life gets in the way, when it comes to the job.  Do you build work schedules that work with the issues of your team members, or do you worry about the business hours only? 
  4. Suppliers can be great assets to you and your business.  Get to know them as people, not as the liquor guy, or shoe sales rep, or cart repair guy.  The greater the relationship with the people who serve your club, the more information and value you will gain.  Treat your suppliers as guests, not servants, and watch attitudes change quickly.
  5. It is important for your staffers to understand the game.  Although some may never play, they will have a friendlier attitude toward the golfers, when they feel knowledgeable about your business.  Provide them the basic information for the game, and they will have a lot more confidence and enthusiasm in their position.

  These 5 ideas barely touch the many thoughts on the people who keep the facility moving every day.  As we move forward, I will provide ideas on each group.  We hope this provides a snapshot of what is to come.  Thank you.

Jack Dillon writes the highfives series.  He is a golf shop and service expert.  Jack is a Toastmaster and speaker, and is ready to help you improve all things people, at your club.  Reach Jack at 407-973-6136 or at

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