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We are almost finished with the series: ideas on improving golf operations.  There will be one post remaining after this entry.  Today, we write about fun, the reason most of our golfers want to play the game.  Although we call golf a game, it seems there are many courses where fun is hard to find, and valued service is also rare.  Today, we present 5 thoughts about ways to put fun into the day at your club.

  There are many reasons why people are coming to play today.  Finding out why your golfers are there will help you build a better service story, while injecting fun into the experience for each.  Setting the tone for a good day on the course is a great start in working to build loyal guests.  Here are 5 thoughts about ways to build fun into the 18 holes:

  1. Own the experience.  The entire team should know the reason they are on board, is to help create a great day on the course for your golfers.  Every team member should be working the same mission: to build a welcoming attitude for all golfers today
  2. The golf professionals can set tone with a written mission statement, given to each staff member.  When we all work the same plan, it is so much easier to acquire the results we seek.  Executing this fun mission takes solid communications, while watching each other's backs to help make it all work
  3. The operations' team should be pro-active in communicating all about the course today with every player.  Do not allow for any poor surprises out there, including from the maintenence team.  Take the time to explain the property to any first-time visitors.  Making customers feel comfortable goes a long way to setting up for the fun.  Think about small surprises for new golfers, like a free soft drink after the round
  4. Create several touchpoints on the property with your team.  Checking to make sure your golfers are all good, is valuable in building up their day, and creating loyalty
  5. Build extra value into some days with shop discounts, small free gifts, and even a free clinic now and again.  Have the team work their smiles.  Now you are building ideals that show your club as one very different from the rest.

  Fun some days will not show up on its own.  It takes a crew of people who understand what people-pleasing means.  It takes a pro-active plan and effort to prepare and plan the days, those that will mean a lot to each golfer.  Golfers play the game for many different reasons.  No matter the reason, when your club is just a cooler place to play, the community will find your course, and reward you with some fun in return.  Create a program built around people-pleasing fun.  We always return to those places we enjoy.


Jack Dillon is the author of the highfives.  Jack is a golf shop expert, and someone who understands the women consumer.  Jack is an Advanced Speaker, and a member of Toastmasters International.  He can be reached at  You can call Jack at 407-973-6136.  Jack has fun living in Orlando.


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