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Here we are again, at the start of a new year.  It feels fresh, and new.  New can bring a better, brighter attitude to an organization.  Great attitudes will draw people to you, and help build loyalty for your course.  Having a staff of people who love the club, the people, and the mission will create new business, and help retain your top customers.  As you take stock of your business, remember to provide the proper recognition to your members and guests.  Today I will do the same, as well as provide 5 highfives on gratitude.  Thank you, two of the most important words in your business vocabulary.

  I want to thank you for taking valuable time out of your day to read (and comment) on these posts.  It brings me real joy to write and send these posts, and an over the top feeling when I receive a nice comment.  Thank you for reading these highfives.  Gratitude is a great business asset.  Look at the ways you and your team thank your customers: is it authentic, sincere, thorough?  Would it feel good if you were on the receiving end?  Here are 5 thoughts on saying thanks:

  1. First, begin with your staff.  Never fail to show gratitude for their efforts, work & sacrifice.  They will pay it forward
  2. Determine who are the top 20% of your customers.  These people drive your business!  Once known, develop a plan to build on their loyalty through added value, special exclusive events, and recognition events that truly show you care.  Make them feel extraordinarily special!
  3. Make sure every employee is in this program.  Make certain every person who works on the property understands both the mission and the execution.  This should include the grounds crew, and every part-timer.  Customers provide one "report card" on their day, and do not distinguish the service provider.  They just know how they feel
  4. Be out on the 1st tee and the 18th green.  Warmly greeting and thanking customers is a great touch, while catching people coming off the golf course will not only help leave a good final impression about their day, but give you raw, immediate feedback on the product and service levels
  5. Send hand written thank you notes.  Because you can probably count a lifetime of thank you cards on one, maybe two hands, writing a sincere note of thanks puts you, your team, and business in a very unique place with the customer.  Meet with your staff regularly, making sure all are getting into the habit of mailing their gratitude.  Thank you notes work!

  So thank you for reading this post, and the other highfives.  Now, go out and provide the ground work for an amazing 2015!  Be sincere, be authentic, and above all be thankful for the folks who execute your mission, and for those who pay the bills.....

Have a Healthy and Prosperous 2015!


Jack Dillon is the grateful author of the highfives series.  Jack is an Advanced Speaker and member of Toastmasters International.  Jack is a golf shop expert, an expert on great basics, as well as driving great service for women, and developing new golfers through FUN player development.  Jack is available as a speaker or just to answer your questions.  He can be reached at or at 407-973-6136.  Go out and make 2015, a year where your club is the place to be.


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