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  Thank you for looking.  This post however, is not about a movie, a cold princess, or even a song.  It is about people, engagement and empowerment.  As I look at the constant changes in the golf course business, I see fewer staff members, and I also see that most decisions are being made at the top of the team.  Over my years in business, I have come to the belief that the better decisons are made nearest the customer.  Doing this will also cause a more engaged team.  A suggestion: as you roll into a new year, why not plan to teach your key full time staff how to make good decisions, and then allow them that privilege.  In time, some very good things could result from this change.  Today's post is about getting your team involved in a new way.

  Here are 5 thoughts in teaching good decision making:

  1. Begin with a few full time staff members.  Set up one on one sessions, providing each with a primer in why we make good business decisions
  2. Give the staff members a history of your experience in decision making, both good and poor decisions, guiding them along in the process
  3. Be out of your office and with the staff members as they first move into new territory.  Your initial full support now will be huge.  Teach them that each decision is not only about today, but about the long term success of the club
  4. Have each staffer begin with small decisions which may involve a lunch ticket, cart fee, tee time, or even a shop discount.  It is important to get your people making decisions: small at first, reviewing each to help them improve from the beginning.  Instruct on the decision made, and never criticize the staffer
  5. As you move forward with the program, work to have all full time stakeholders involved in the process.  Having staff members working the plan increases employee morale and engagement.  These people will be charged about their role and the organization.  They will also be more open with you.

  A big reason to drive decision making to where the customer lives, is to empower your team.  Treating them as important staff members, and providing a solid structure will be good for you, your golfers, and the loyalty of your team.  The Ritz-Carlton organization empowers every employee to do whatever it takes to make things work for their guests.  How are they doing?

  When you spend time with your team, providing them with the skills and direction to do their jobs well, you take the frozen attitude out of your service structure.  Allowing team members to make business decisions will also translate into a much warmer service environment for your golfers.  The more decisions the team makes, the better the decisions will become.  Begin now to plan a tomorrow where you create a new world of team empowerment.


Jack Dillon is the author of the highfives.  He is an advanced speaker and member of Toastmasters International.  Jack is an golf shop expert, and understands how to serve women well.  He is open to speak to your organization.  Happy Holidays to you and all of your family members.  Enjoy the season!  You can reach Jack at or at 407-973-6136.  Thank you.

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