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  This post is a continuation of the last high fives entry.  The trick with a blog post is to get the message to you in 400 words or less.  I did not do that in the last post.  Beause I felt there was more to add, here is part two.  Here are 5 thoughts about being more productive:

  1. Do not be the last to arrive each morning.  Be early, and out front with the staff.  Be visible, excited, and encouraging.  Help create and secure the disciplines the business morning requires
  2. People are the assets of the business: golfers and staffers.  Work your day around spending quantity time with each in order to teach, to learn, and to grow the business
  3. Be very mindful of how and where your phone fits into the business day.  It is vital for you to control it!
  4. Make the entire property your office, and not the 300 square feet with a desk.  Be out and about looking for golfers to thank, for team members to recognize, and for opportunities that are all around.  Listen to your property: there just may be lessons on every tee and green
  5. People at times seem to want to hide behind e-mail.  It feels clean and simple.  Remember however that words can be powerful, no matter how they are delivered.  Plan to deliver your messages face to face.  Look people in the eye with both good news, and that other stuff.  You will give and gain great respect.

  There are daily traps that can set you up for failure.  They are all around, with no letup.  There are people and circumstances designed to rob you of your most important tool, your time.  Every day is a battle to gain control over the day, while working to create a better business.  Keep on building your to-do list, but know you need a larger arsenal to win the day.  Being out and about with people is the best way I know to do the things that can create the end result of the lists, a place where people love to play, and to work.  Get and stay committed to the people, the property, and the culture of doing things.


Jack Dillon is the author of the highfives blog.  Jack is an advanced speaker and member of Toastmasters International.  He is an expert on the golf shop, serving people well, and growing the game with women.  You can reach jack at or at 407-973-6136.  Jack is always happy to take your call.

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