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  Although we are soon moving out of season for some of you, others are coming into a new season.  As we look to the past year, we want to assess the golf shop and our performance.  How were sales, how was our purchasing record, what is the current state of the shop's inventory.  I am a firm believer in the golf shop.  There is no doubt in my mind that as the hub of the facility, the golf shop can succeed by serving the golfer well.  Instead of worrying about the gross margin, I would ask that you concern yourself with two things.  One to create a golf shop that focuses on truly serving people well.  It is not a store.  It is a place for people to shop, to learn, and to own great golf gear.  Next, think about building a solid inventory mix based on my notion of the DNA model: DNA stands for, Absolutes for the shop, Necessities for the golfer, and Desired items the golfers want as part of their golf gear.  Let's look at each of these keys for a solid golf shop inventory.

  The keys for your golf shop:

Absolutes: these are 20-25 shop items that I call your "never outs."   These items are always in stock......always.  The categories where these items are include: golf balls, headwear, accessories, golf gloves etc.  Review sales over the past three years and build your list.  Be prepared to tweak it every month or two.  Never out means always building the sale no matter the time of year.  This adds to your service anthem.

Needs: now we look at the shop through your golfer's eyes.  These are the items men and women need to play a round.  They may be in some of the same categories as the absolutes, but they are not the same items.  This is a longer list as it involves men and women golfers.  Again, review sales by month, especially in the busy season over a three year span to build your list.  Know you always need to make room for new items.

Desires: this list may be short or long depending on your course, club, and round totals.  Think about the higher end items you know your golfers would love to own.....if.  Create a list and carry some of these items.  Talk to your top shoppers and ask them for their list.  I believe the list will surprise you.  Always again be willing to tweak the list as the season develops, and as new goods become available.

The DNA of your golf shop.  It is truly about building a diverse inventory based on real history, real people, and real decisions.  Oh, and one more thing: never be afraid to try new things.  It is how your shop will stay great.  Treat the goods as movable and your golfers as the CEO of your business........they are!

Jack Dillon writes the highfives series.  Jack is a golf shop and service expert.  He is an advanced speaker with Toastmasters International.  Connect with Jack to ask about your shop or about a speaking engagement.  Jack brings great basics, new ideas, and FUN to every presentation.  You will learn something new and very different.  Reach Jack at or at 407-973-6136.  It is always about being different and getting better.


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