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  You work very hard to make the club a success.  The hours, the sweat, the efforts are huge.  You look at the big things each and every day.  The golf course, the restaurant, and the overall presentation are prepared and ready for success today.  The day is about to begin, the team is arriving but, are they prepared?  Is the team as ready as the property?  Attitude, the attitude and mood of each team member can have far more to do with your success today, than will good greens.  So, how is the attitude of your staff members?  How can you be sure your members and guests will be served by people with the right focus, and the right frame of mind?

  In the world of business, we often place the reputation of an enterprise in the hands of some of the lowest paid people in that enterprise.  As we rely on these team members in the shop, on the course, and throughout the clubhouse, we often are behind the scenes on the laptop or phone.  The 5 thoughts today are about an idea, a new daily plan.  The idea is to have a daily 15 minute meeting prior to the workday.  It is not to be a strategy meeting, but one about your vision and observation.  These 15 minutes are about making certain the team is ready to be in front of a member, your member.

5 Thoughts for improving the day in 15 minutes:

  1. Be sure the staff members are in good spirits, dressed appropriately, and ready to serve well
  2. Recognize one or more staff members for a previous job well done
  3. Talk about this day and what to expect, listen for solid feedback
  4. Make it a positive meeting.  In 15 minutes, you have time for real and positive!  Here, you will impact the entire day.
  5. If a staff member is out of joint, has had a bad morning, or does not look the part, send them home.  This day cannot afford a bad attitude or a poor presentation.

  When a golf course team begins the day, managers many times do not get to see team members before the bell rings.  I suggest that this daily meeting, when done well, becomes part of your secret sauce that makes your service and experience better.  In 15 minutes, you can buy car insurance, or make certain the mission, your mission is on track and enhancing the golf day for all.


Jack Dillon is the author of the highfives blog.  Jack is a speaker and presenter.  He is an expert on the shop, the overall operations, and growing the game with women.  He can be reached at 407-973-6136 or at


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