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  Whether you are the student taking the 4th lesson in a series, the club's general manager, anyone on staff, or the course operator, there is that question always on the mind: "how am I doing?"  Four little words, and yet we rarely ever find the courage or time to ask the person in the know for a progress report.  That person in turn, does not seem to feel this information is important.  This is surely unfortunate, as silence when it comes to the question, is never golden.

  The information, the detail behind the question is what we crave.  In every walk of life, we wake up on many a day wondering how people feel about us: on the job, as the operator, as a spouse, or as a team member.  Today, this post will seek to take some of the mystery away from the unknown, at least on the golf side of life.  Even though it seems we all yearn for the answer, the answer rarely comes.


  1. For each staff member, go beyond the every 365 day employee review.  Business changes in nanoseconds today.  What is the benefit of a once a year sit down?  Coach and mentor your people as needed
  2. Ask your customer on a very regular basis, how you are doing as the operator or GM.  Very regular feedback, especially from your top customers or members, is vital in order to stay relevant
  3. Create a food & beverage group from amongst your members to meet each month to taste new items, explore menu changes, and build comparisons to places outside the property.  Make this area a place where excellence shines
  4. Work with your women golfers on learning what they like, what they fear, & changes you should consider.  Build this menu from outside in.  Allow the blemishes to be revealed in order to build a property these women will tweet about and more.  Building a circle of trust here is paramount.  Making your women golfers comfortable is vital to your future
  5. Be on the course and listen.  Asking the question on the 1st tee, the 10th tee, and the 18th green will provide raw, honest information you can use to build on.  Spend time, not only when it is convenient, but make it your thing to do, without delegation.  On the final green, ask about their day.  It is the perfect place to get timely, unfiltered answers to your question.

  How am I doing is the question on our lips throughout any given week.  Do not shy away from asking the question.  Creating an open attitude of trust and opportunity for people to share their views is a real differentiator for you, against your nearby competitors.  So as you get ready for spring 2014, polish up the question, and get ready to have a great year, driven by the people who have all the answers!


Jack Dillon is the author of the highfives blog.  Jack is a golf shop expert, a speaker and consultant to the golf industry.  Allow Jack's passion, experience, and skills to bring a new level of confidence and expertise to your team this year.  As a long time manager, Jack can help you create a higher service standard,  far different than any other.  Build a better story in 2014.  Contact Jack at or call Jack at 407-973-6136.  Jack lives in Central Florida.  Thank you.

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