More details on Keiser's Wisconsin development

Mike Keiser’s forthcoming golf mecca in Wisconsin may draw comparisons to Bandon Dunes and Cabot Links, but it’s going to have a personality all its own.

In a conversation with Golf Tripper, Keiser acknowledged that the master plan for Sand Valley includes houses on the property’s periphery, a few large “cottages” that will be available for overnight guests and, in the future, possibly some “dormitories.” What’s more, the venue is going to provide carts when its customers insist on using them.

And, in another departure for Keiser, the property’s first course, by Coore & Crenshaw, will be designed to host high-level professional events.

“I will definitely show the site to the USGA as it is being built and then invite them to play a hand, or at least have some influence, on what kind of back tees we are building,” Keiser explained, adding, “The PGA will be welcomed as well.”

Is this the sound of a no-compromises developer going commercial?

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