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  The game today revolves around technology, especially when it applies to fitting golf equipment.  Being fit properly, with the correct specs can help a golfer play as well as they can play.  I know, as I fitted and sold golf clubs for a long time.  This post however, is about a different kind of fit.  Today's blog is asking if your club works to fit into the lives of your golfers and their very modern schedules?

  We all like to spend time where we feel good, where we are made to feel comfortable.  On the other side, we run from those operations where we are served poorly, or made to feel out of place.  Today I ask you: "does your team understand your golfers, and work to serve their very specific needs?"  If we are to grow the game, and maintain that growth, it will be because we changed the game to fit into 2014 and beyond.  Tradition is a wonderful thing, but it has little place in the way life is lived today outside of your gates.

  This post provides 5 thoughts to ponder as you prepare to move the snow away from your entrance, getting ready to welcome your golfers for a new season.  Change they say is a hard thing, but today it is the expected thing.  Our golfers need and deserve the type of facility that can serve their passion and their schedules.  If we are stuck in the game of 1975 we will lose, as little in today's lifestyle resembles the 70's.  Here are 5 thoughts about fit:

5 Things To Do Now:

  1. Speak soon with every regular golfer.  Look for the disconnects and the opportunities.  Look for ways to build rounds, add players, increase sales.  Listen and take notes.
  2. What is important to your women golfers?  Is it making new friends, spending time with old ones: working on a personal challenge, babysitting services, learning to play business golf, or all of this?
  3. Spend a great deal of time listening to your top 20%.  These elite customers should help you drive many decisions.  Value their opinions.  Know these people well.  They should not be a secret in your "sauce."
  4. You have a neighborhood business.  Reach out and invite every neighbor to experience the game.  Show them why for men, women, kids and the family, golf is a great way to grow and learn together.  Try several programs that can bring people and families together.  Prove to the Moms that this non-contact sport is not only the game of a lifetime, but now the game at the right time.  Teach the FUN!
  5. Look at the business.  What changes in services, hours, personnel, scheduling and pricing must you make to attract old golfers back, build new interest and create a brighter season ahead?  People today will not fit into your vision, you must make the changes that work for them.  Change is essential, so make the changes that work for your customers.

  It is time to build the game around life.  It is the way we can connect to golfers old and new.  We have been selling strawberry in a Baskin-Robbins world.  Build programs, including a player improvement plan that may be inconvenient for you, but fits your customers' sweet spot.  Change it......and they will come!


The highfives blog is written by Jack Dillon.  Jack is a golf shop expert.  He can also help you with a player development program, as well as creating a better way to serve your women golfers.  Jack is available as a speaker and consultant.  Let Jack with his expertise and passion for the business, improve your operation and help it grow for the long term.  Jack lives in Florida and can be reached at: 407-973-6136 or at

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