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  Here we are in Orlando, getting ready for another PGA Show.  Having done the homework, you are confident and ready for these three days.  Thorough preparation is the best way to make certain you spend your time getting the most value from the event.  Remember to see the things, and seek out the people not available back home.  This is also about expanding your world in order to expand your business.  Getting to meet some strong merchants and buyers, can give you very new, and very different ways to serve your golfers well.  This is also the event to build your personal golf network.

  This post is the third in the series, defining ways to build a better presentation for your golfers.  Remember, it is not the Show that really matters, but the improved experience you will create, as a result of these three days and nights.  Your time is the value during this event.  Be certain to have a daily appointment plan, broken down by time.  When an meeting is behind schedule, you must decide whether to wait or move on to your next meeting.  Spending time well is a key to the success of your golf show.

Here are the final highfives of the series, helping you create a great golf shop year:


  1. Walk the apparel area, looking for the busy brands, regardless of who they are.  Ask some buyers what they like in the products and story of the brand(s).
  2. With many talented people at the Show, have courage to ask questions of those experts you get to meet.  Many will be happy to discuss their keys with you.
  3. Have a very specific list of needs to seek out.  Whether the need is in the shop, or for an event, get focused, based on your shop history as well as you event calendar.
  4. Make a few small buys of goods you believe might just work well for your golfers.  Business is about trial and more trial.  You will find new winners in this way.
  5. Shop the show by product class.  Go through your categories, seeking ways to improve every area of the shop.
  6. Information is power.  Budget your time to learn about new brands, new people, and new ways to grow your rounds or membership.  Rounds drive sales.
  7. Make sure your attitude in on GO the entire time.  Go out to people, get uncomfortable, smile and talk shop.  This week, it is the common theme.

  So there you have it.  Three posts and 18 highfives, written to help you make this next week a very real success.  You are ready to hit the Convention Center, work smart, buy better, and reach out to a network of people who can help you professionally and personally.  Have plenty of business cards with you.  Remember to take detailed notes.  There will be far too much going on for any memory.  Be proactive with people, with conversation, and with your total search.......and have FUN!  Then remember to bring that FUN back to your club, and your golfers.  The PGA Show is an exciting event.  It is also a valuable business gathering.  Work it well, and it becomes the best investment of the year.  I will see you there!


Jack Dillon writes the highfives blog.  Jack is a speaker, consultant, and a golf shop expert.  He can also provide expertise in player development, extraordinary service practices, and serving women golfers better.  Reach out to Jack at or call him at 407-973-6136.  He will be at the Show and hopes to say hello.

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