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  This is the second of three posts, written to provide ideas for making this PGA Show a very good show, resulting in a very productive golf shop season.  As you think about the Show, it is really about the value of your time, the people your spend time with, and the experts you get to meet.  It is about matching up the needs of your entire business by month, to the suppliers who have the goods, and the systems ready to help you excel.  Your total business should include the golf shop, your tournament and outing business, plus your corporate business: supplying members and guests with all of their needs.  Much to think about in three days.

  This second post will include six highfives.  I want to provide you with a wide understanding of the many benefits of spending your Show time well.  Although a business trip is also about unwinding with some FUN, executing good time management in Orlando will pay off for you, over the entire golf season.  As you think about your golfers and the operation, imagine ways to grow the business: what new brands, products, and services can enhance your shop, your sales, your service?  Think large, think wide, think different.  What about all of your events, clinics, club tournaments?  There are opportunities all around that are available to capture.  As you meet with your sales and operations' staff this week, explore the possibilities by asking good questions and allowing all to contribute.  Plan your time and meetings at the Show wisely, in order to maximize results each day.


  1. Preview your calendar by month searching for new business.  Once finished, begin to examine the Show's vendor list, looking for suppliers to fill these new needs
  2. Prepare well by learning the Show floor.  By building a focused appointment calendar, based on the floor map, you can get so much more done, while meeting many new people
  3. Do a lot of looking, but little buying.  Before a buy gets executed, you should have a sell through plan, at least in your head.  Resist the show specials at that moment. Each night you should do a recap.  When you want to commit to a new buy, you can go the next day and be confident you have a plan beyond the initial purchase order
  4. When your rep is not at a supplier booth, be certain to get the names and contact details for the people you are doing business with.  The fast pace is not a reason to miss important information.  Ask for a sample if you want to discuss a new supplier with the home team
  5. As you map out the Show floor, be certain to seek out small, interesting suppliers who don't have local representation.  There is opportunity everywhere
  6. Plan to spend time in the new products area.  Your golfers like new, different, and interesting golf gear.

  Outside of the show hours, know where to have coffee, breakfast, and drinks.  It is not only about who you know, but about who knows you.  Seek out people who can grow to be assets for you and your business.  With one post to go, we will explore the event itself, looking deeper for ways to make your shop excel.  Oh, and by the way.....plan some FUN too!!

 The third and final PGA Show prep post will appear later this week.  I am happy to answer your Show questions.  See my contact detail below.  Give me a call.


Jack Dillon is the author of the highfives blog.  Jack is a golf shop expert.  As a long time buyer, manager, and operator, Jack is able to provide direction, coaching, and support as you look for the answers in your golf shop.  Jack can also assist in player development as well as teaching how to serve women well.  Jack lives in Orlando.  E-mail Jack at or call Jack at 407-973-6136.  He has provided service and value to the golf industry for decades.

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