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  This is the first of three posts to help buyers build a better golf shop in 2014.  If you are going to Orlando and the Show, these posts should offer a tip or two.  This post is devoted to preparation for the Show.  If you have the ability to locate the golf shop numbers from each of the past three years, go back through each year to do a thorough sales review, so you may find the success and the opportunities left behind.  Doing some solid prep work will help you make better buys during and after the PGA Show.  Here are 5 ideas to help you prepare for your best Show yet:


  1. Find rounds and shop sales numbers for the past three years.  Locate your three best product categories and three poorest.  Review rounds by month against shop sales in these six categories.  Look for the wins and the losses throughout the sales and margin numbers.  They will help with the whys
  2. Look at the brands and specific products which drove your sales over the past thirty-six months.  Have you built strong brand stories for this success, or did the sales happen because of higher stock levels and markdowns?  Why were sales strong in some areas and yet not in others?
  3. Review the physical space.  What changes can you make to improve your business in 2014?  As you review your category success stories, think about the floor space you are devoting to your winning categories, products, and brands.  Merchandising the shop space and allocating better space to your winners is critical for success.  Review your entire space.  Building a better business can be more than writing winning purchase orders
  4. As you prepare for the Show try to understand why some things failed while others had solid success.  It is important to have the facts behind the numbers so your future buys are for the right reasons.  When you understand the reasons why, the building blocks get stronger
  5. Do three important things soon: look at the events on the club's 2014 golf calendar, search your bag room thoroughly for opportunities, and meet at least twice with the shop staff to discuss the Show.

  The PGA Show is a big, busy event designed to grab your emotions.  Being prepared when you fly into OIA will help make for three very good days, setting you up for a good year.  Take the next two weeks to understand the numbers.  Studying three years provides a really good average.  Preparation breeds confidence on the 1st tee and at the PGA Show.  The next two posts will assist you with the calendar and execution.


The highfives blog is written by Jack Dillon.  Jack is a golf retail expert.  He is a speaker and a consultant who can help improve every aspect of the golf shop.  He can also assist you with player development and great service execution.  Why not allow Jack's passion for excellence to be part of your 2014.  Jack's e-mail is  You can reach him at 407-973-6136.  He lives near OIA in Orlando.


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