Plans announced for Coastal Oregon course

Mike Keiser isn’t the only developer who believes that coastal Oregon is America’s links land.

Jim Haley, the shaper for Keiser’s first course at Bandon Dunes, has announced plans to build an 18-hole, stand-alone layout – no hotel or houses – on Knapp Ranch, a 1,100-acre spread outside Port Orford. The sandy, oceanfront property, just 30 miles south of Bandon Dunes, features “rocky cliffs that recall Pebble Beach or Cypress Point,” according to a press release, along with “gorse-filled ravines that resemble those at Pine Valley” and “views unmatched anywhere else on the West Coast.”

Dave Esler, an architect based in Chicagoland, has promised to deliver “something extraordinary, because the site deserves it,” and he believes his 18-hole, au naturel track “may even become the best one in the neighborhood.”

Haley’s LLC hopes to begin construction next summer, provided that it can secure financing.

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