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  There are 5 senses connected to the human body.  They are: touch, taste, sight, hearing, and the sense of smell.  The majority of us are fortunate to have all five of these amazing abilities.  This post however, moves beyond these five skills and onto a sixth sense: the sense of urgency for business.  No matter the industry, this sense of urgency is a major factor in the new winning formula.  This certainly include the golf operation in 2014.

  Instilling this sense of urgency in your operation means being proactive in every aspect of attracting and serving members and guests.  An operator can no longer be satisfied with a "standard" marketing program, cold calls, and a hope that membership will fill and business will blossom.  No doubt that sales and service strategies vary widely in golf.  There is no one way to win.  The purpose of this post is to offer 5 insights to help your club work toward becoming the go-to place in your community for both men and women who have specific expectations about the golf experience they desire.


  1. Your standards must be understood by every staff member before they begin to serve the membership
  2. The team will move to the speed of the leader: the GM should demonstrate daily, the standards expected for attitude, service, and efficiency.
  3. Develop a system to solve member and guest issues immediately.  Prepare the team to handle 85% of all service issues.  Keep service solutions in the hands of those hired to serve
  4. Provide recognition and rewards with that sense of urgency.  Build and keep strong moral with timely recognition.
  5. Teach that this sense of urgency is the norm for your operation.  Being patient while waiting to grow will not work well in 2014.  Each area should bring the same speed and efficiency every day.  Marketing should always be fresh, current, colorful, and about people.  Step up the pace across the board.

  As the leader, work to build this new sense of mission with the department heads and team.  Acquisition, retention, with service that differentiates, is what the work should be about.  It is important to teach and mentor the staff weekly on maintaining both the personal touch and the very new sense that your club is uniquely different and special for every golfer.  Use the 5 senses to serve and the sixth to create a very different level of the golf experience.  Finally, it should be about complete access for men and women.  As you end the year, review all club rules making sure they provide every opportunity for you and your club to grow and succeed.

  As the PGA Show approaches, I will be presenting a 3 part post on buying and operating the golf shop.  They will appear in January.  Until then, Happy Holidays to you, your families and staff.  May you find great joy this season.  Thank you.

Jack Dillon writes the highfives blog.  He understands the golf operation, service, player development, and merchandise.  Jack will help you with content you can use today.  He brings decades of corporate and club experience to every client.  Jack can be reached at   His number is 407-973-6136.  He resides in Florida.

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