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  Although we have recently come out of the season of thanks, I am reaching out to offer my sincere thanks to you for your time and loyalty in reading the highfives blog.  It is a great honor for me.  There is more to this post however, than my debt of thanks.  One of the most valuable management lessons I learned in my career came from mentor and management expert Tom Peters, who said: " take everything ever done to you and never do them to anyone else, and take all the things done for you and pass them on."  This post is my handoff on gratitude.

  This blog is about saying thanks.  I bet as you look back over your experience as a consumer, you have never been thanked too much, or received too many thank you notes in the mail.  In looking at gratitude, I believe some people assume the thank you, while many others just do not feel gratitude in the workplace.  Today more than ever, we need to demonstrate appreciation toward every customer.  I hope with this reminder, you begin to focus your team on offering genuine gratitude, helping to build long term, loyal golfers.  Show your staff the value of authentic appreciation toward every member and guest.  Here are 5 thoughts on gratitude......with a bonus:


  1. Never fail to offer a verbal thank you to every golfer who plays at the club.  Build a proactive program of sincere appreciation in every department
  2. Provide ways to show extraordinary gratitude toward your top 20%.  They are the core of your business and so much more
  3. Send a thank you note for every member referral as well as large purchase.  These will go a long way.
  4. Send a thank you note (or a birthday card) on the anniversary date of entering the club or on the anniversary date of a new golf set purchase
  5. Offer an extra perk or two to very special clients.  Items including a few guest passes, a few free cart passes or a dozen golf balls can pay great dividends for you
  6. (bonus) Be certain to say thank you to your team for wins large and small as well as for every try they make on behalf of your business.......all year long.

  In a world where a sincere thank you has become an infrequent surprise, work to teach your team the art of the thank you.  Approach it as part of the training that is to be a regular part of the day.  At your club, make sincere gratitude your standard and watch the smiles (and sales grow).  You never know who is on the other side of the handshake or thank you note.  Budget for more stationary and postage in 2014.  Be the thank you note champs in golf.  You will be grateful you did.  Thank you.

Jack Dillon is the author of the highfives blog, a speaker on player development, a better golf shop, and building great golf for women.  Jack can provide real, very practical success results for your business.  You can reach Jack at 407-973-6136.  You can e-mail Jack at

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