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  All operators look for ways to grow the business each and every day.  They seem to look high and low for any opportunity.  Maybe there is one other place to look.  Looking inside the clubhouse to the team, may be an opportunity.  So many clubs have programs throughout the year to attract new golfers, drive more rounds, add more sales.  How about a player development program for the staff?

  OK you are asking, while being kind: why should we have our instructors spend time teaching cooks, waiters, bartenders, office staff, course staff, etc.....all about golf?  They will not add significant rounds or dollars to the business, so why?  I am asking you to take a very different view.  By having sessions for your entire team, you create a very golf specific educated work force.  Your team will view the game, the industry, their jobs, and their customers in a very different light.

  The purpose behind this idea is to create a group of people that understands the language of the game and of your course.  If you build a team that knows the game, understands and can converse in "golf speak", they become very confident in their service role, willing to talk to the customer on their terms.  Imagine a waitress asking how #3 green is rolling today, or what did you hit off #12 tee today Mr. Smith?  A knowledgeable team is more confident, more outgoing, willing to ask golfers about their round, their experience at your facility.  Over time, this can provide the same effect as having a daily, on-going focus group at the club.  Differentiation!

5 Thoughts on Building a Smarter Golf Team

  1. Develop a program that has both classroom time and range/course sessions in a group setting
  2. Make this a structured part of your training program for every employee.  Provide free instruction and use of equipment
  3. Coach the team on the words and phrases golfers use.  Develop and teach through role playing
  4. Watch, listen, and adjust the program often.  This should always be in the state of change
  5. Have several different classes on subjects including: golf language, key words, your course, the range, golf games and bets.  Create a complete program.

  Although this concept might create some golfers, the mission is about growth.....of the facility.  It will I believe, build loyalty with your team and golfers.  Everyone brings a new feeling of comfort to their role and the information learned, helps you run a better golf facility from the inside out.

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