5 Small Thoughts for Change

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  This will be a simple post about a few ideas I have used over the years.  As the title states, they are 5 small thoughts.  You may find they have little value or, you may want to test one or more.  In any case, I have seen each create success and wanted to pass them onto you.  As with any new program or plan, they will need time.  Nothing good happens overnight, so when you put one or more in place, communicate each thoroughly to team and members and give the ideas time to work.  I believe many businesses throw away ideas too early, and long before their customers have had time to understand their benefits.  Each time you add a new concept, do your best to bring it out, and then give it time to marinate within the operation.  It just may surprise you.

The 5 Simple Thoughts:

  1. All golf shop signage should have a minimum of words with large font.  Many people do not see or read signs, so have bright signs with brief offers.  With many golfers being 50 and older, the larger font will work well
  2. All sale and price signs should offer dollars off values and not a percentage off.  Many people struggle with percentage off sales math, and will not bother to ask a staff member.  Use dollars off in all promo signs
  3. Have a program where members and guests are asked: "what is one thing we can do to improve your golf experience for the next time?"  I believe the feedback will amaze you
  4. For public access courses, develop a "welcome to the club" handout for all first time visitors.  It can include: simple course layout, especially for blind & difficult holes, restroom locations, cart policies, other club detail, and a free drink coupon, so theses golfers can experience the entire property
  5. Although most courses have a starter, few have a "finisher."  The finisher is a team member stationed at 18 green, asking for important, raw, and timely experience feedback about the course, pace of play, beverage cart service, etc.  This is unfiltered, realtime feedback.  Here you can also provide drink or food coupons, plus try to book times for a future date.

  So there are the 5 simple thoughts I hold dear.  If you intend to try one or more, please try them over several weekends.  One and done is not a good plan.  Have patience and make it personal.



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