Women....Really? Yes & Why Pt. One

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  For the past few months, we have been told by more than one of golf's leading organizations that we should attract more women to the game.  Now please know I am in total agreement with this idea.  In fact, I agree with it 110% because you see, I have been telling all who would listen, the same thing since 2004.  So, this post and the two following will be about growing the game with women.  This post is to show you why, the next to provide 5 ideas will be how, and the third will offer 5 thoughts on sustaining those new players.

This is the first of three posts.  Although these industry leaders are telling us to work to bring more women to the course, they are not giving us the reasons why, or the advantages.  This post will provide a few compelling reasons on why to look to women to help bring our game out of the desert where the game has lived far too long.

Why do we need to change the daily plan at the club in order to add women customers to our business?  We thought they were too busy with family, work, and life, to knock the little pink ball around.  Let me provide some information about women in 2013, and show why they are in the sweet spot for growth.  Here are 5 reasons:

  • Women now earn 57% of all bachelor degrees.  In addition, they earn 40% of all MBA's and they stay in school longer than men.  *they have the desire
  • Women now marry later, on average 5 years later than 1960.  They also postpone children in order to start and build a career.  *they have time to think
  • Title IX, the law that changed scholastic sports in the US forever has turned 40 years old.  This means there are hundreds of thousands of competitive women who played sports and have the desire to stay active and competitive.  *they want to play
  • Women control 82% of the US economy and as important, just about every major financial decision in the home today.  *they have the cash
  • More than 60% of US women played an outdoor sport between 2003 and 2010.  *they already play, just not our game

To add more fuel, women on average shop 400 hours per year, women over 45 are a huge economy by themselves, women on average will tell up to 13 other women about a new experience or product, while men tell 1.5.  Women today hold more than 50% of management jobs with the Fortune 500 companies.  Finally, the answer is because they will make serious customers, great members, and very excited newcomers once we change that welcome mat.  Next up, the how.

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