Highland Gate estate to be auctioned

The Highland Gate golf and trout-fishing estate in Dullstroom, Mpumalanga, South Africa, will be auctioned on May 13.
The estate has an 18-hole Ernie Els signature course, with 13 completed holes. The property includes two hotel sites. Homeowners have purchased 267 of the 455 residential lots available.
The Highland Gate resort was put into provisional liquidation in August 2008, after declining sales, according to the Alliance Group. All assets held by the initial developer, Gate Developments, will be sold as one lot. 


Shouldn't this read "the estate has a 13 hole Ernie Els signature course"? Whomever buys it will still have 5 holes to go.... Just proves that the so-called "hot" international market also has its potholes and obstacles to navigate. JAK

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