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Welcome to Golf Inc.'s Management Company Directory, an online directory of golf course management companies, operators and industry professionals. Here you will find detailed information on more than 150 companies and 20 of the largest management companies.

For each company, we include up-to-date contact information, names of key executives, number of courses and a list of managed courses. We also include profiles for larger companies.

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  • Heritage Golf Group
    Heritage Golf Group secured a new financial partner in April 2014, and hopes to start acquiring golf courses again. The San Diego-based...
  • McConnell Golf Group
    McConnell Golf Group purchased the Brook Valley Country Club, a 90-year-old property in Greenville, N.C., in October 2014. This purchase...
  • Pope Golf
    COURSES: Manatee Golf Course, Bradenton, FL (18 holes) Buffalo Creek Golf Course, Parrish, FL (18 holes) Bent Tree Golf Club, Jackson, TN (...

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