Who are the most innovative golf marketers?

Golf marketing requires a lot more than running an ad in the newspaper these days. Whether working with a private club to increase memberships or simply trying to get website traffic, the task of promoting the game is changing quickly. Research, social media and new-member recruitment tactics have all adapted.

“If you’ve ever seen advertising for cruise ships, it’s a sea of sameness,” said Jon Last, president of Sports and Leisure Research Group, which conducts market research to help sports marketers improve campaigns.

Last worked with Caroline Stoeckel, vice president of marketing of the Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau, for two years. This led to creative commercials, billboards and print campaigns, which resulted in increased rounds for Scottsdale’s 13 golf facilities.

“I find it refreshing that after 20 years, the golf industry seems to have greater receptivity to incorporate corporate insight,” he said. “The more you match behavioral data to attitudinal data, the more successful you can be.”

Golf Inc. identified the people who are pushing the envelope the most and introducing new marketing opportunities. Our 10 movers and shakers are using a variety of marketing means, including lead generation strategies, good ol’ fashion mailers and a handy little device called GoPro. 

Find out who the 10 most innovative golf marketers are by reading the free issue of Golf Inc. Magazine here.

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